The Platform

I never counted the times I placed my footsteps here. Many times in half a decade. Sometimes in a hurry Running to catch the train. And other times walking slowest of my pace having missed the last train. Several times all alone, thinking myself to be a solo traveller of mighty six hours. In groups… Continue reading The Platform

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People of past

I heard them calling me from behind. Familiar voices that became unfamiliar. I turned back. They seemed to throw rough glances at me , tearing me down, into tiny bits. The invincible me, looking down, listened to the cry of crumbling leaves beneath my feet senselessly. They were dying again. Wait. May be it’s not… Continue reading People of past



He watched the platforms sprinting as the train moved. He thought to jump off wanting to be a valiant man. But how he hated broken bones. Stepping back he smiled like a kid. The ladies’ coupe had only me noticing him. Why didn’t I smile back ? Scratching the head he murmured this,that, and everything.… Continue reading Him